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We adopt the vision of becoming a leader in the energy sector by investing in renewable energy resources to meet the energy needs of the future and to leave a sustainable world to future generations through clean energy production.


We aim to lead the energy trends of the future by offering sustainable energy solutions.

Company Policies And Ethical Principles

At Kartallar Ege Energy, we are committed to clean energy production with the goal of leaving a healthy environment for future generations. Conserving resources and ensuring environmentally friendly energy production is not only a goal for us, but also a principle that underlies all our activities. While our business strategies are shaped with this awareness, we take care to develop alternative energy sources and use these resources in a balanced manner. Our goals, set in line with our company policy, aim to reinforce our commitment to sustainable energy in the long and short term with concrete steps. In this context:

  1. Carbon Neutral and Green Energy Transformation Policy: We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by increasing our investments in renewable energy and focus on environmentally friendly energy production.
  2. Environmentally Friendly Energy Production Policy: Aiming to minimize greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere by investing in clean energy production, our company takes an active role in combating the climate crisis with its commitment to minimize the negative conditions affecting the environment by adopting environmentally friendly energy production.
  3. Efficiency Policy in Energy Production: Sustainability and efficient use of resources are of great importance in terms of efficiency. Our company aims to maximize energy production by using existing resources effectively.
  4. Quality and Reliability Standards Policy: We meticulously manage our business processes with quality control to ensure reliable and sustainable energy production based on high quality standards, thus maintaining a reliable brand image in the energy sector.
  5. Legal Compliance and Ethical Values Policy: Our Company develops long-term relationships based on trust with its business partners and stakeholders while complying with all relevant laws and regulations and adhering to ethical values. It also adopts a transparent way of doing business.
  6. Social Contribution and Cooperation Policy: Kartallar Ege Enerji has developed not only in energy production and activitys, but also in fulfilling its social responsibilities and social cooperation. This policy aims to contribute to the welfare of the society based on the company’s sustainability principle and to cooperate effectively with local communities.
  7. Occupational Health and Safety Standards Policy: Occupational health and safety standards are applied in our facilities. Various activities and trainings are organized to ensure the protection of employees. This policy aims to minimize occupational accidents, reduce risks and increase trainings specific to occupational health and safety.
  8. Training and Awareness Policy: We attach importance to raising awareness of our employees and society. This policy aims to develop our potentials by aiming to diversify and regularize trainings.

Executive Committee

The executive board reviews company activities that concern senior management. At the end of these reviews, it is the board that provides supervision, improvement and implementation of changes in accordance with performance criteria. The executive board provides procedures and methods depending on the legal structure of the company. The executive board is responsible for directing the goals and policies of the company to which it is affiliated. It reports to the Board of Directors and organizes the organizational structure suitable for the execution of corporate governance activities and the realization of the objectives of the Company’s activities.


  • The Executive Board discusses the company’s strategy and long-term planning at least once a year and the operational planning of the company’s business divisions at least once a year. The Executive Board also reviews developments on important issues at least twice a year.
  • It prepares agreements for significant changes in the Company’s strategy, fields of activity, products and services, such as the creation of new business areas, expansion of business areas, or exit from a certain business area.
  • At the beginning of each fiscal year, it makes next year’s budget (turnover, expenses, personnel and result plans) and the company’s borrowing status, as well as investment and financial plans for the coming year.
  • Identifies and implements significant changes to planning, reporting, control, risk management or accounting methods and processes.
  • It identifies other business and transactions that may involve costs that may have an unusual impact or bring unusual risks in relation to the Company’s core business activities.
  • To prepare, change and renew work schedules and ensure that work schedules are carried out as necessary, to pre-program and timely procure all necessary materials, personnel, machinery and equipment needs, including personal protective equipment, for the execution of work schedules.


  • Tolay Yılmaz/ Chief Executive Officer
  • Günay Topaloğlu/ Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Financial Affairs)
  • Ahmet Kemal Gür/ Executive Committee Member Responsible for Projects and Investments

General Assembly Meetings

General shareholders’ meetings are convened once a year to discuss and resolve various issues related to the determination of the Company’s main policy and the general operation of the Company.

Information Society Services

Company Type Inc.
Company Registration Date 7.09.2021
MERSIS Number 5.44116E+14
Commercıal Registration Number 18798
Commercıal Registrar Manisa
Company Title Kartallar Ege Recycling Energy Production Inc.
Tax Office Mesir T.O.
Tax Number 5441157609
Sector Electric Power Generation
Address Uzunburun Neighborhood Uzunburun St. Administrative Building Apartment No:81 Yunusemre/Manisa
Company Phone 90 236 225 01 50-51
Web Address https://kartallarege.com/
E-Mail Address cevre@kartallar.com.tr