Kartallar Ege


In our world where renewable energy and energy efficiency are gaining more and more importance every day in order to minimize the effects of climate change as soon as possible; Kartallar Holding, one of the leading companies of our country, established its subsidiary Kartallar Ege Recycling Energy Production Inc. with the vision that diversification of alternative energy sources, increasing domestic, national and renewable energy production capacities, providing cheap and sustainable energy is among the priority issues of our country in order to make energy management systems more flexible, and established Kartallar Ege Recycling Energy Production Inc., which it operates in Manisa Integrated Solid Waste Recycling Facility, the electricity supply in the region by incinerating the solid wastes that cannot be recycled from the Domestic Solid Wastes that are mechanically separated and incinerating the landfill gas obtained as a result of the landfilling of the remaining organic wastes other than composting. 660 MWm / 18.054 Mwe Biomass and Biogas facilities with a capacity of 6.821 MWm / 6.630 MWe, and by ensuring that the recyclable materials resulting from the waste separation processes are put into use as raw materials for reuse and / or recovery purposes; Manisa has brought a valuable facility to our city and our country.

In order to leave a clean, sustainable world for future generations, Kartallar Ege Recycling Energy Production Inc., which has a total installed capacity of 25.481 MWm / 24.684 MWe, converts domestic solid waste (domestic garbage) into electricity and meets the energy needs of thousands of households.

With this working principle, Kartallar Ege Recycling Energy Production Inc., which provides services with an important business model in our country’s zero waste strategy targets, both increases the service life of its existing lots and makes a humble contribution to our country’s Zero Waste targets by preventing the Landfill of 50% of the daily domestic solid waste.

Kartallar Ege Ege Recycling Energy Production Inc. carries out continuous measurement and monitoring of the values of the environmental impacts that occur in order to keep the consumption of natural resources at the lowest level in its activities and to ensure waste minimization, as well as to fulfill the requirements of the applicable environmental legislation and standards with all our activities and to fulfill our responsibilities to the organizations we are affiliated with, in order to prevent the damage of residues to the environment, to ensure their disposal and to generate energy with these activities.

Our Company initiated the Global Carbon Council (GCC) Voluntary Emission Reduction certification process in order to internationally document the greenhouse gas emission reduction created by the project in order to publish the impact of our organization on waste management.

Furthermore, our Company supports the ten principles of the UN Global Compact (UN Global Compact) related to human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption, accountability and transparency. We have also notified the UN Global Compact in writing of our intention to develop these principles in our sphere of influence and have committed to make these principles part of our company’s strategies, culture and daily activities, and to take part in cooperation projects that support the development of other broad development goals of the United Nations, in particular the Sustainable Development Goals.

Kartallar Ege Recycling Energy Production Inc., a group company of Kartallar Holding, which considers it a duty to serve its country and add value to the lives of its people, has carried quality and trust to every area it serves by keeping loyalty to its values above all else while serving with flexible and innovative solutions, and has produced a value for life in every new target it has reached. As it has been since its establishment, Kartallar Ege Recycling Energy Production Inc. will continue to add quality for many more years by taking strength from your trust and values.