Kartallar Ege

Hasan Kartal Education Foundation

Since the establishment of Kartallar Holding, our founder Hasan Kartal has made it a principle for himself and his family to support students in need of financial support. The financial and moral support, which started in 1986 before the establishment of the Hasan Kartal Education Foundation, has contributed to the educational lives of students by providing hundreds of scholarships. He established the Hasan Kartal Education Foundation in 2017 in order to provide this support to many more young people in a more organized manner.

The other members of the foundation, İnci Kartal, Hikmet Koray Kartal, Aysun Kartal Ayaş and Şahin Kartal, aim to make all kinds of material and moral contributions in order to be a drop of water for the saplings of our country. The main goal of our foundation is to ensure that our successful and talented young people are not afraid to dream and that their dreams are as limitless as the sky. Because we know that the dreams of our youth are the future of our country. The aim of this foundation is to prevent many treasures from being buried under the ground due to financial impossibilities. Our founder wishes to contribute to the upbringing of well-equipped, scientifically-minded, successful and brilliant young people on behalf of our country.