Kartallar Ege



Manisa Biomass Power Plant, located within the “Kartallar Ege Recycling Energy Production Facility” in Yunusemre District of Manisa Province, operates with a capacity of 18.660 MWm / 18.054 MWe.

Domestic wastes from Manisa and surrounding districts are primarily separated into 3 groups in our Mechanical Separation Facility: Organic, Recyclable Fractions (pet, plastic, aluminum cans, glass bottles, nylon, etc.) and non-recyclable fractions that can be used for energy purposes. The solid wastes in the last fraction, which are separated for energy purposes, are pre-treated with special shredder machines and converted into WDF (Waste Derived Fuel) and used for electricity generation in our Biomass power plant. In addition, the fuel menu is enriched with various forest and agricultural biomass fuel types.

In addition, reducing greenhouse gas emissions is critical in the fight against climate change. In this context, we aim to minimize greenhouse gas emissions in electricity generation by investing in renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels. In line with this goal, our facility has integrated clean energy sources such as biomass and biogas plants, solar energy and our biomass plant operates with chimney filtration systems. In this way, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions from WDF and minimize our impact on the environment. Thanks to these systems, we ensure low carbon emissions and maintain renewable and clean energy production within the framework of current environmental legislation and standards.


Located within the boundaries of “Kartallar Ege Recycling Energy Production Facility” in Yunusemre District of Manisa Province, Uzunburun Biogas Energy Production Plant has a capacity of 6.821 MWm / 6.630 MWe and generates electricity from methane gas generated from domestic waste from Manisa Province and its districts.

Waste Management through Landfilling

In addition to our Class II Landfills, where we provide services for the storage of solid wastes remaining after the processing of municipal solid wastes, we also carry out Class I Landfill (Hazardous Wastes) and Class II Landfill (Non-Hazardous Wastes) activities in our lot areas that we have separately created for the management of industrial wastes of public institutions and organizations and industrialists.

The waste storage capacity of the landfill is 970 thousand 78 m³ in Lot 1, 1 million 240 thousand 929 m³ in Lot-2 and 6 million 425 thousand 728 m³ in Lot-3. It has a total waste storage area of 7 million 636 thousand 735 m³. Our Lot4, Lot5 and Lot6 works with a capacity of approximately 10,000,000 m³ are at the project design and allocation stage.

You can send your requests to atikkabul@kartallar.com.tr to receive service about these services.

Mechanical Separation Plant

With our two 1,200 tons/day and 600 tons/day capacity separation lines, 66,792 tons of recyclable waste is recycled into our national economy as raw material in our facility as a result of the processing of daily incoming municipal solid waste. As a result of the operation of our Mechanical Separation facility;
– Pet
– Aluminum Tin
– Glass Bottle
– Plastics
– Nylon
– Iron
By separating the products, a great contribution is made to the economy of the region and the country in terms of reducing environmental pollution and increasing recycling and recycling activities.

Waste Derived Fuel Plant (WDF)

Wastes with high calorophic value separated from domestic wastes in the mechanical separation plant are crushed in the WDF Plant and used as fuel alternatives in the biomass plant. Waste Derived Fuel building is under construction as 2500 m² closed area and 6000 m² reserve storage area. The facility covers a total area of 8500 m² and 500 tons of waste is processed daily in our Fuel Facility.

Waste Disposal

It also has the status of an Official Destruction Center within the scope of our Permits and Licenses obtained from the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change due to the activities and license subjects of our business.

We are one of the enterprises with the largest capacity that meets the great need in this field by officially disposing of many types of waste, including the official disposal of products that are not suitable for use due to import permits, the disposal of expired food products, and the disposal of products that our industrialists with corporate management systems do not find appropriate to be placed on the market due to product quality.

Solar Power Plant (SPP)

Kartallar Ege Energy has a solar power plant with a capacity of 6.87 MW at the project stage in Sungurlu district of Çorum.

Geothermal Resource Exploration License (GPP)

We have 4 exploration licenses in Manisa and İzmir Basin. The total geothermal resource exploration license area covers an area of 8,859 ha.


Domestic wastes received by municipal vehicles within the borders of Manisa are subjected to sorting process and converted into compost from organic wastes. The compost obtained is used to enrich the soil in various parks and gardens of Manisa. Total compost produced in the facility is 137,638 tons per year.

Sludge Drying Plant

Sludge drying systems are used in order to use treatment sludge with high moisture content as alternative fuel. A Sludge Drying Facility is in the project phase in order to reduce the energy costs required for the recovery of wastes in our facility and to be used as alternative fuel.