Kartallar Ege

Sustainability Policy

Kartallar Ege builds its sustainability approach on three basic elements: environment, sustainable production and environmental awareness. Our main goal is to generate energy with low carbon emissions by using renewable and clean energy sources and to ensure energy efficiency.

Kartallar Ege Recycling Energy Production Inc. fully complies with current environmental legislation and standards to prevent harm to the environment. We continuously measure and monitor environmental impact values in order to recycle and dispose of waste materials in the best way and combine them with energy production. We also adopt the principle of minimizing the consumption and waste of natural resources by fulfilling our responsibilities towards our affiliated organizations.

As Kartallar Ege, we are proud to contribute to sustainability with the value we place on nature and production. We strive to protect natural resources and leave a clean environment for future generations by reducing environmental impacts, using energy resources efficiently, and using renewable energy.