Kartallar Ege


Importance of Renewable Power Generation

Many countries of the world place great importance in renewable power and power efficiency for the sake of sustainable development in energy and support conversion to low carbon energy systems. The importance of renewable energy and energy efficiency continues to grow every passing day in regard of minimizing the effects of climate change as soon as possible.

Diversification of energy sources in order to ensure a more flexible energy system, increasing local and renewable power generation capacities, and ensuring cheap and sustainable power generation are among the foremost agenda items of our country.

  • Waste Storage Capacity of the Storage Area is 970,078 cubic meters in Lot-1 and 1,240,929 cubic meters in Lot-2, coming to a total of 2,211,007 cubic meters, and efforts are ongoing to build a third lot with an approximate capacity of 6,000,500 cubic meters.
  • Mechanical biological sorting facility has an annual capacity of 607,200 tons. Mechanical sorting facility recovers 66,792 tons of recyclable materials each year.
  • Starting with a daily capacity of 60 cubic meters, with the addition of the new 500 cubic meters runaway water treatment facility which will be commissioned in (250+250) stages the runaway water treatment facility will reach a total capacity of 560 cubic meters.

Located in perimeter of the “Kartallar Aegean Waste Recycling Facility” in Manisa Province, Yunusemre County, the project includes 18.660 MWm / 18.054 MWe capacity in scope of the Manisa Bio-mass Power Station and 6.821 MWm / 6.630 MWe capacity in scope of the Uzunburun Bio-gas Power Station, coming to total installed power rating of 25.481 MWm / 24.684 MWe. In scope of the base feasibility scenario estimation the project is envisioned to provide a capacity of 7500 hours/year, providing 185,130 MWh of power.

In subsequent stages it is envisioned that an additional bio-mass power station stage based on burning of potential industrial waste storage areas in scope of 75 MWe EEE permit as well as a solar energy investment under hybrid license.

Uzunburun Solid Waste Sorting and Recycling Facilities
Consists of 2 solid waste sorting lines with 40 ton/h and 80 ton/h sorting capacity.

Manisa Biomass Power Station
Consists of 1 gas motor with 1.2 MWe capacity and the boiler-turbine group with 16.85 MWe capacity.

Uzunburun Biogas Power Station
Biogas station with a projected total capacity of 6.63 MWe with 3 active unit with 1.41 MWe capacity, and 2 projected units with 1.2 MWe capacity.