Kartallar Ege


Waste is the industrial name for trash, which means useless objects we wish to get rid of. Where there is constant activity in a society, generation of waste and the need for waste storage areas will be unavoidable. No one wishes to live with irregular and randomly stored waste zones. In this case there is a need for a healthy and controlled storage areas for urban waste, a burning facility for burning the urban wastes or a hazardous waste storage and disposal facility for hazardous wastes. A part of the materials sent to the trash bin can be reclaimed as raw materials by recovery or recycling.

Kartallar Ege Geri Dönüşüm Enerji Üretim A.Ş. provides disposal of wastes on one hand, while converting waste into value by generating power on the other hand.

The project is to generate power from urban and industrial wastes collected for disposal and recycling in borders of the Manisa Province. Thus, it will achieve final disposal of environmentally undesirable wastes while also providing a significant contribution to generation of power in this region with high power demand and increase power supply. The ash output generated by the bio-mass power station can be forwarded to cement factories or stored at the solid waste storage area of the facility. The landfill gas collected from the waste storage areas will be used to directly generate power with the gas motors at the power generation facility. The existing waste sorting facility and new unit investments will allow waste recycling and material recovery.