Public and private sector organizations that reduce greenhouse gas emissions or reduce existing greenhouse gases can obtain an emission permit  and obtain a Certificate for “Carbon Reduction Projects” even if they are not subject to  the Kyoto Protocol.

This is why  we, as Kartallar Ege, for Biomass Power Plant have applied to Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and for Biogas Renewable Power Plant have applied The  Global Carbon Council (GCC)   for the Gold Standard Certification process for the Validation & Verification processes for our Power Plants to certify that  both of our projects are operated in accordance with the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development standards.

Moreover, our company supports the ten principles of the UN Global Compact on human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption, accountability and transparency. We have stated our intention to develop these principles in our own sphere of influence, in writing, to the UN Global Compact, and to make these principles a part of our company’s strategies, culture and daily activities, and to ensure that Sustainable Development Goals, of the United Nations, are implemented. We have committed to take part in cooperation projects that support the development of these goals. With this opportunity, Kartallar Ege Recycling Energy Generation Inc. clearly declares this commitment to its stakeholders and the public.