Kartallar Ege

2022-2023 Kartallar Ege Enerji İlk Sürdürülebilirlik Raporu

We are proud to announce that we continue to work in the field of renewable energy generation with our respect for people and the environment, our continuous development-oriented approach and our strong team spirit. Since our establishment, we have been growing with an approach that considers the needs of natural resources, the environment and future generations. In line with our sustainability vision, we are increasing our installed capacity day by day through new projects and by increasing the capacity of our existing power plants.

In this process, we focus on creating value for all our stakeholders. Our reports and plans are shaped in light of the material issues we identify by taking the views of our stakeholders into consideration, and we direct our activities in line with this information. This approach reflects our commitment to a sustainable future and our progress on this path.